Electronic Products :

  Digital 24 hour Clock 

          2 Sides Big Digit 7 Segments

          Wire and Wireless( Radio) Remote control

Jalai Calender with Leap Year

Optional Alarm and Time Teller

Computer Programming :

Coming soon !

How do you keep your secret files and programs???

Download it !

A Component  to get  full control over LPT port

Dynamic Site

SahandTech WEB Site

Technology: ASP.Net 2.0 + Atlas

  URL: www.sahandtech.com

Dynamic Site

IKCo. Financial Deputy WEB Site

  URL: Coming Soon

Dynamic Site

سایت رسمی خانه کوهنوردان تهران

  URL: www.khanekouh.com

Dynamic Site

for Ordering Pdf Files and E-Books

  URL: www.pdfbank.com

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